We design a user friendly website with a great digital experience.

It is important that your website has the most vital elements for performance and optimisation.

Website & Development

Beghosa media design and develop all kinds of websites, including application websites. We develop and design e-commerce websites, real estate application websites, auto dealer application websites, membership sites and more! We can also create mobile application for website that can be downloaded on Google play or App store. 

With a budget of 400 euros, you can still get a stunning website design with hosting services from Beghosa Media. There are different addons you can get if your website is designed by Beghosa Media – addons like free premium photos, short clips videos of your work place, picture of your products and services, written contents, translation and more!

You have the full control
of the design process

If there is any special features or application you want for your website, let us know and we will make them for you. There are features and applications that can be part of the basic website development and you will always get those features as part of your package if you want them.

If you want other application or features that are not part of the packages, we can go through them together and let you know the extra cost. It is also possible for you to get them for free if there are some special offers available.

Our all-round media production is the edge we have in our website design and development. You have all to gain when Beghosa Media design your websites. We make sure you are 100 percent satisfied with our work.

No matter the state of your logo, we can make it a stunning logo for your website. It is also possible for you to get a logo redesign, depending on the kind of package you have chosen.

Professional Website Design

With a professional website, anything you imagine in design is possible! We go beyond the design to optimizing your website for search engines and with great marketing features. There is no limit to your web trafic!

E-commerce and Digital Marketing

We build fast and responsive online shops. We also do your content and social media marketing. Beghosa Media has a great strategy and tool to automate your marketing process and increase your conversion rate.

Basic Website Design

If you have a small business and just want to have a good website for web presence, we are here for you! With this basic website, you can have a good functionality with at least 30,000 visitors to your website.

Mobile Apps and responsive Websites

We take great care to also work on the mobile device sides of your website and ensure that all the pages in your website are mobile responsive.

Search engine optimisation

Regardless of the website we are designing for you, we make sure we optimise your website for search engines (SEO). A more advance SEO can be done for your website as a separate package or as part of a bigger package.