Branding & Logo design 

Are you planning to start a new business or you already have an existing business and you want to design or redesign a stunning logo for your business? Beghosa Media is here for you! Your brand identity is very important to us that is why we take great care to design your logo.  

Firstly, we try to get the idea of what you want, then we enquire more about what you do and suggest a list of symbols and features to you. If you come with any artwork as an idea, we can also help you create it.  

Apart from the logo itself, we also have the favicon symbol in mind when creating your logo. Favicon is the symbol that appears at the corner of the web browser window. We also create different formats of logo files for you which are suitable for website, animation and print media.  

We make at least 6 version of logo for you to choose from. After you have made a choice from the 6, we make different file format of the one you have chosen. Apart from your chosen colour, we also make different color version, including black and white as part of your final logo.   

Design in electronic or print format

We also do graphic design for print and electronic media. We design posters, brochures, signboards and other art work. At the moment, we don’t print brochures and other large art work but, we have a partner company that does the printing.  

We can help you make all kind of design and send it for print or cut out in our partner company. We make sure you are 100% satisfied with the outcome of all the job we do.     


We bring your vision to life with our creative design tailored to your brand identity.

Brand Design and Logo



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Social Media Graphics


And More!

Social media graphics

Beghosa Media design captivating banners for social media and websites. We can create that perfect size banner for your social media pages. We can also create a stunning profile picture with your logo for social media pages.  

Our company can create daily, weekly or monthly banner content for your social media pages, depending on how you want it. You can also contact us for a one-time banner design for your social media page. As the saying goes – “A picture is worth a thousand words”. We can send any message across or tell any stories using pictures and graphics. After the design, you endorse it and we post it or you post it.  

Beghosa Media make sure our banner design for your social media pages are consistence with your brand identity. We always try to incorporate the colours, texture, values and the message in the banner we create for you.  


We have a premium picture bank that we use to create your banners so, you don’t need to spend money buying pictures or use creative commons pictures. If you have a specific need for banner that require work place or product photos, we can visit your company to take the photos and create the banners and feels you want with the photos.

We can also help you to manage your social media pages and create contents for your pages which could include banners, videos and photos. If you want to know about the prices of our social media graphic works, you can see our price list or contact us for more customisable services, if you can’t find what you are looking for on the list.