motion graphics

& animation

Beghosa Media do different types of animations. We can animate virtually everything and bring any still objects to live! We do logo animation for intro and outro. In addition, we do character animation with voiceover and presentation video with voiceover, beats or background music.   

Logo animation

Regardless of how you use your logo or what you use your logo for, it is advisable to have an animated logo you can use for your video intro or outro. You can also use an animated logo in a presentation or a in a video. Having a great animated video in the right formats can help you create fast commercial video yourself. The animated video will make the difference in the professionalism of your video.  

The imagination is only the limit to the kind of animation you want to make with your logo. No matter the complexity of what you want, we can make it for you. We can also suggest the best solution for your logo animation and create different options for you to choose from.  

We will also show you how you can use your mobile phones or computer to add your animated logo to those short videos you post on social media.  

The prices of our animated logo start from 20 euros. We can also include slogans and other text to your logo animation depending on how you want it. You can check our price list or price calculate to see how much your animation may cost you. You can also contact us or ask for a quote.  

Intro and outro

We can make intro and outro as part of a commercial video package or create intro and outro that you can always use at the beginning of your videos or at the end of your videos. It is common for companies to use an animated logo at the end of all their videos. Beghosa Media can help you create this kind of outro that you can use at the end of all your videos.   

You can use outro or intro to add a consistent theme and messages in many of your social media videos. You can also create fast commercial videos by yourself with the outro and intro. We can create different sizes and format for more flexibility across all platforms. 

If you want to make a captivating intro and outro for your video or presentation, we are here for you! We can use the assets or logos you already have or create a completely new arts works for your animation.   

If you want to do the editing yourself and you have no experience, with a bite of training you can edit your videos using your phone or computers.  

With the animated intro and outro ready, you can bring down your cost of video editing if you use an editing company or you have a programme to use for your video editing.  

From 20 euros you can get your logo animated or get an intro and outro animation depending on the kind of animation to be done. You can contact us to find out more.  

Character Amination

If you want to create advertisement with animated characters, Beghosa Media is your one stop place. We either do the sketches or you can choose to do the sketches and we will bring all your characters to life with motions and sounds.  You do not need to worry about the story or message, we can also do the stories and voiceover for your animations.   


If you want to create a video presentation of your company, Beghosa Media can help you create a great presentation video. We can make a direct presentation video with graphics, pictures and video or with you as a presenter in the video while graphics and pictures are animated in the scene or in different scenes. This can be great for lectures, tutorials, company’s presentation and product presentation. You can also have your commercial videos in the form of presentational videos.   

We can always help you evaluate which kind of video is best for the occasion you are using it for. You can contact us to share your presentation project idea.