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For corporate & private entities

Beghosa Media produces different kinds of promotional video for website and social media. We also produce TV commercials for various companies.

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Cutting-edge video production for broadcast, entertainment and digital campaigns

Commercial Video Production

Our goal for your production is not just to produce a high-quality commercial video in terms of picture, graphic and sound but, to ensure that your video generates a lot of leads and convert as many of the leads to sales.  

You can either come up with an idea for your commercial video or we can design the idea for you and go through the idea and storyboard together. We make sure that you are 100 % satisfied with our production and that the production has been internally tested before going public.  

Studio Programmes

Beghosa Media has a studio that is suitable for any kind of production. Our studio can be used for various kinds of video production and TV production. You can host a show in the studio with about 20 to 30 audience. You can rent our studio for your production and use your own gears and crew or we can also use our own gears and crew to produce your programme if you want.  

We can also produce your programme live from our studio for television, website, facebook and Youtube. You can call in or contact us to book the studio for your programmes at any time.  

The studio can be booked from Monday to Sunday. Prices for the rent varies depending on the day and time. You can get up to 25% off the price if you book the studio from 6pm to 11pm from Monday to Friday, and 5pm to 11pm on Saturday. It is also possible to get 25% off when you book any time from 6am to 10pm on Sunday.  

Regardless of the time and day you are producing your programme, our crew and gears will always be ready. You can book for the studio and production at any time but, it is better to book at least 1 month before hand to be guaranteed of a slot.

We have up to 3 different parts of the studio that can be used simultaneously for various productions if needed and various background and stage sets are also available.  

If you want to use your company space for a temporary studio, we can also help you set things up. 


Beghosa Media cover various kinds of events like concert, religious events, annual parties, birthday party, wedding, festivals, sports, shows, trade fairs and exhibitions. Depending on your kind of events we can use upto 12 cameras to cover your event. We can also deploy drones with cameras to also add aerial views to your production.  

We can cover your events live for TV or for web. We can also cover your event for post-production. We always plan our live production with you as part of our preproduction. This helps to get the best in the main production.  

Our project team will always want to know your detail programme at least 3 days before hand. We also prefer that you give all inserts like video, pictures and sound at least 3 days before the programme, if possible. 

Shows & Television Production

We also produce different kinds of shows and reality tv shows. We are ready to travel with you to any terrain to produce any programme. We also join you in the planning process and create a storyboard and scripts if needed. We can also help you with post production and come up with a programme that can be an award-winning programme.

Social Media Video

We can help you to create various kinds of social media pages with videos. We take your target audience and the kind of devices they use into consideration when creating video for social media. We make different formats and sizes of video that are also mobile friendly which are easy to access and share on all kind of mobile devices.  

If you want a regular demonstration of your product and services on you Youtube or social media pages, we have you covered! You can either come to our studio or we come to your business place to set up the sets for the demonstration of your product or services.  

We can also help to manage your video post for your social media channels and website. If you don’t have any experience of running a Youtube channel or social media pages, we can help you out with no extra cost. We can set a Youtube channel up for you and teach you how to post videos and manage the channnel.  


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