We don´t just take stunning photos at our studio but, tell stories with all the photos we take! Our studio is set for various kinds of photography!

Reservation or non!

We take different kinds of studio photos at Beghosa Media studio. We do corporate and private photo shoot in our studio. We also take promotional photos and product shoots for catalogues. 

You are always welcome to pop in at any time for a professional photoshoot. Whether you are taking a family portrait, individual portrait, baby, model, or animal portrait, we are always here for you. We have various packages for our photoshoots. Another great news is that you can also call in or contact us to get a bargain.  

 If you book a time ahead of your photoshoot, you could get up to 25% discount off the amount you would be paying.    

 Graduate from high school, universities and vocational schools are also welcome to take memorable and great graduation portraits in our studio. We always have special offers for all graduates. As a graduate you don’t have to book ahead of time to get our special offer. We always get our sets ready for you in less than 3 minutes.  




We don´t just take stunning photos in your events but, we tell your stories with stunning images, recreating those great moments.

Event Coverage

Beghosa Media covers all kinds of events like wedding ceremony, child baptism, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, festival, concerts, trade fairs and exhibitions. We have different kinds of coverage for each event depending on your need and budget.  


Our wedding event shoots include:

pre-vow ceremony coverage which can include the coverage of the couple preparation in their various homes, studio shoots and location shoots, just before the event 

Vow ceremony shoots – which is mainly the church ceremony, magistrate court, beach, or any other pre-reception events 

Reception – Beghosa Media also covers wedding reception. You can decide how long you want us to be at your reception or what time you would want us to come and capture the special moments at your reception.  

If you have a special coverage need for your event or you want to know more about the kind of coverage options we could have for your events, you can contact us 

Contact Us

  • Kauppiaankatu 16, 68600 Pietarsaari
  • +358-45-112-8484


& outdoor

Beghosa media can travel to any location to take all kinds of photos. We work for private individuals, NGOs, government and corporate organisations

Corporate, products & catalogue photos

Depending on the location and the needs of our customers, we could get our mobile studio equipment to any place for easy setup and shoot. We can go to any company to take products photos, catalogue photos or any kind of corporate photos on site. 

Home, Schools & Leisure photos

We can also go to homes and schools to take any kind of photographs. All you have to do is to let us know the subject of the photograph and what you are likely using it for. In that case, we will know the kind of lighting and gears we will come along with to create that perfect shoot for the occasion.  

If you want quality and professional outdoor pictures for leisure or various outdoor events, you can always contact Beghosa Media.  

You could also find us taking general pictures at public events and ask for a special shoot from us. In that case, you either get it printed onsite or sent to your email.

If you attend any public event you find Beghosa Media and you want to check up pictures taken, you can either check on our website or visit our studio and we will get the pictures either printed out for you or sent to your email. 

print or digital

Passport photo

We take professional passport photo and send it directly to the police server while you get a retriever code from the police on your mobile phone or email, instantly. The process takes less than 5 minutes. We also print as many copies you need which you can use in Trafi for vehicle licenses, work, school and other hobbies as needed. 

Renewal or new application

Passports, Finnish ID cards and Driving licenses

In Finland, licenses offices (Trafi) usually require 2 copies of Finnish standard passport photographs. You can also give printed copies of your passport photo to the police for a passport or renewal of passport. However, it is advisable to use the code passport retriever system which is better, faster, easier and are preferred by the police or immigration. With the code you can easily complete your application online and the police will charge a lesser processing fee for completing your application online.  



getting the right formats and sizes

There are various sizes of passport photographs depending on what you are using it for. This is the reason we always ask the purpose you are using the photo whenever you visit us for your passport photo. This will help us to make the right photo for your needs. 

Different countries have their requirement for passport photographs and some countries update their requirement from time to time. We always make sure that we are up to date with the requirement for various countries. So, when you are applying for a visa to any country in the world, be rest assured that Beghosa Media have you covered. 





& prints

You can print various sizes of photos at Beghosa Media. You can either order online or visit our studio for your prints.

Photo prints & Elargements

At Beghosa Media studio, there is a self-service kiosk where you can print various sizes of pictures from 9cm x 13cm (3,5” x 5”) to 18cm x 24cm (7” x 9,5”).

10 x 15 cm

102 x 152 mm

4" x 6"

13 x 18 cm

127 x 178 mm

5" x 7"

15 x 21 cm

152 x 216 mm

6" x 8,5"

18 x 24 cm

180 x 240 mm

7" x 9,5"

Large Sizes Prints

You can also order for bigger sizes prints and enlargements and choose any kind of portraits or frames you want for your enlargements.

Video Production in the studio

Beghosa Media has a studio that is suitable for any kinds of productions

Our studio can be used for various kinds of video productions and TV production. You can host a show in the studio with about 20 to 30 audience. You can rent our studio for your production and use your own gears and crew or we can also use our own gears and crew to produce your programme if you want.